Our company was founded in 2017 by me - Radoslav Galabov, a 28 year old Software Engineer, Designer and Entrepreneur from Bulgaria. I believe that I have much more to share with the world than just writing code for a big Corporation, as there should be more to life than sitting on your desk every day. I want to help people, make them smile, feel better, improve their health and quality of life.
It is customary in Bulgaria where I reside, to drink our local herbal teas, because of their positive effects in every aspect of our health and wellness.
That's how LekDen was created, it was an inspiration and vision that I wanted to share with the World. To really to make a difference in terms of the quality of what we consume, how we consume it and what can be done in order to improve it. The best way to do that, exists in the herbs that we have in abundance, here in Bulgaria. In the past, they remained unknown to the rest of the World, especially to the United States and Canada. My intention is, to become the first Bulgarian brand to succeed.
With the help of the wonderful, caring people I have encountered along the way, we are growing quite fast and entering new markets, daily.

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Marilee Buckley is our Director of Sales and Marketing in the United States.
She can be reached at 904-705-7909, Feel free to text or call her with any questions, as well.

All of us at LekDen Tea are honored that YOU chose us! Together we will make this World a Healthier and Happier place!

​Radoslav Galabov, CEO LekDen